About Groza Learning Center

Located in Pacific Palisades, the Groza Learning Center is devoted to upholding rigorous academic standards while providing students with an exceptional academic experience. At the world-class facility developed by co-founders Christy Groza and Scott Groza, students consistently benefit from highly personalized services designed according to specific and measurable academic goals. With a devoted staff of experienced educators and a clear commitment to the achievement of student learning outcomes, the Groza Learning Center was founded in 2002 with the goal of demonstrating to students that education can and should be an intrinsically rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Christy Groza and Scott Groza, the co-founders of the center, have extensive experience as professional educators and have consistently strived to ensure the Groza Learning Center utilizes only the most effective and advanced academic strategies while working with students. The center offers a wide range of services designed to achieve this goal, providing test preparation, homeschooling, reading and tutoring services tailored according to the specific needs of each individual student.

The entire staff of the Groza Learning Center has demonstrated a continuing commitment to academic research aimed at sharpening its own practices, and it has applied this research through the use of diagnostic testing strategies along with its longstanding approach focusing on working with students one-on-one or in small peer groups. The center implements these strategies within a facility deliberately designed for the purpose of encouraging student achievement and instilling a lifelong love of learning, with enclosed tutoring areas, small classes and academic “retreat” rooms, all of which contribute to the creation of an ideal learning environment in which students can thrive.

A fully accredited college preparatory school, the Groza Learning Center has established a reputation for its professionalism and its dedication to generating consistently exceptional results for its students. For well over a decade, the center has helped students make substantial academic gains through a highly personalized approach to education based on the notion that students benefit from a curriculum that considers their learning style and individual personality along with their specific strengths and weaknesses.