An Individualized Approach Remains Central to the Groza Learning Center’s Mission

The same core principles that were put in place when the Groza Learning Center was founded in 2002 continue today, as the boutique learning center has long understood just how important it is to provide an individualized approach to education. Research has confirmed again and again how a small class size and one-on-one attention benefits student learning gains while also noting that a larger class size tends to have the opposite effect. With this understanding clearly in mind, the Groza Learning Center vowed long ago to consistently adhere to an individualized approach to education for the benefit of its students.

Over the years, the achievements of students utilizing the learning center’s services have reinforced the importance of a highly personalized approach to education. Through individualized instruction, the learning center is always able to utilize an approach that is most ideally suited to each individual student. This may not be possible with larger classes since a room with 25 students is likely to include a broad variance of student learning styles, meaning that some students will be at risk of falling behind simply because the way they learn is different from the way the majority of the students in the class learn.

For example, one of the more recent trends in education has been to prioritize collaborative learning strategies in order to enhance student engagement in larger classrooms, but these strategies have also been found to be less ideal for introverted students who prefer direct instruction. Since these strategies benefit the class as a whole and increase overall student engagement, schools continue to implement these activities despite the drawbacks for certain students. The introverted students may become preoccupied with a feeling of anxiety or discomfort, leading to a reduction in potential learning gains due to a homogenized approach to education.

Students deserve better than this and should not have to endure an academic approach that is not designed for their specific benefit. It is for this reason that the Groza Learning Center will also strive to keep classes limited to very small numbers and will continue to provide countless opportunities for one-on-one instruction. Certainly there is a benefit to peer-to-peer learning, but those kinds of strategies should only be utilized in circumstances in which every student stands to succeed as a result.

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